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3 Top Benefits Of Methadone Treatment


methadone treatment

Methadone has been the most effective proven treatment of opiate addiction for individuals for over 50 years. This substitution therapy uses one opiate to manage the addiction cravings and opiate withdrawal symptoms of other opiates such as pain pills or heroin. This treatment is considered safe when used under medical supervision and therapy. Here are the three top benefits of methadone treatment.

Helps Avoid Relapse

The ultimate goal for methadone treatment is for a person to live a normal life. After a person enters a methadone treatment program, they receive educational assistance and vocational counseling as well as methadone treatments for addiction. Around 25% of those admitted to methadone rehab centers will wean themselves off completely, according to data from the Harvard Medical School. Another 25% will continue to use methadone for the rest of their lives in order to avoid relapse.

The medication works by filling the same opioid receptors in the body that heroin or other painkillers would. This can help them avoid cravings for their drug of choice so they can focus on recovery. One methadone dose can stay in the body for up to 56 hours and is affordable for most patients.

Improved Health

Undergoing treatment for heroin addiction with methadone can help individuals improve their overall health. They greatly reduce their risk of infection from needles as well as other diseases associated with drug use. People who start receiving treatment at a methadone clinic are able to sleep and eat better than when they were using drugs. They are also able to get more exercise and take better care of themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Life Stability

Receiving treatment from a methadone center can help people focus on developing more stability in their lives. Since the drug doesn’t impact a person’s coordination or cognitive process, they can pursue life goals and handle responsibilities they wouldn’t be able to while feeding their addiction. They can pursue educational opportunities or a professional career and develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with stress.

Methadone treatment is a proven solution for those struggling with opiate addiction and heroin detox. It can help them overcome addiction and find help for the problems they face in their everyday lives. If you are struggling with being addicted to opioids or addicted to heroin, consider finding a methadone inpatient treatment program near you today.

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