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5 Ways to Remain Engaged When Undergoing Methadone Rehab


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Drug-related treatments for opioid addiction offer significantly improved success rates the longer you commit to them. In fact, patients who remain in a methadone rehab program can improve their chances of remaining abstinent from drug use. Statistics reveal that long-term professional methadone treatments may produce lasting results in up to 90% of cases. This gives hope to people seeking relief through opiate and heroin detox. It also emphasizes the importance of seeking a high-quality methadone clinic and remaining consistently engaged by following these essential tips.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Does spending a day without turning to heroin or opiates seem like a milestone? It is if you are undergoing treatments for opioid addiction. Rather than thinking, "It has only been a day since I last used heroin," reframe your thoughts and tell yourself, "I have been able to get through 24 critical hours without relying on heroin." Setting and meeting even bite-sized goals will keep you moving forward during treatment.

Refuse to Let Relapse End Treatment

Relapse happens. One research project published in the Irish Medical Journal found that of participants seeking treatments for opioid addiction, 91% relapsed once. Yet relapse need not derail your opiate treatment. Rather than allowing a relapse to stop your treatments for opioid addiction, tell your rehab team what happened. They will non-judgmentally work with you to get back on track toward recovery.

Keep a Journal to Record Successes

Sometimes, you may forget how far you have come. Do yourself a favor by keeping notes or a journal about your rehab experience. You may find that your writings prove helpful during opioid addiction therapy sessions. Plenty of counseling experts recommend keeping written track of your progress because journaling encourages you to reflect on your progress.

Surround Yourself With Supporters

Are you finding it difficult to remain in recovery due to your relationships with toxic individuals such as friends, family members, or colleagues? The people you surround yourself with should be supportive of your desire to enter treatment for heroin addiction or opioid addiction. Although it can be difficult to distance yourself from someone, you may have to make those tough decisions as a part of your rehab.

Stay Focused on Your Desired Outcomes

Ultimately, you remain in charge of your life during and after methadone treatment. Be sure to focus on the end outcomes you want to reach after successfully managing your addiction. For instance, you may want to go back to school and get an advanced degree. Perhaps save money to move to a different house in a new neighborhood. Having far-reaching desires encourages you to keep moving ahead with your recovery.

Excited at the thought of getting treatments for opioid addiction? Remember that the longer you commit to undergoing rehab, the better your chances of putting your addiction behind you.

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