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Can Methadone Really Help My Loved Ones?


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Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., and many families have experienced the tragic effects of the opioid epidemic just this year. Unfortunately, opioid and heroin addiction isn't something that you can beat with absintence; it's a disease that needs to be treated with medical care.

Methadone clinics in Chicago work with those who are suffering from addiction to help them get their lives back on track by giving them the treatment they need.

Is methadone a new addiction treatment?

Methadone isn't a new treatment for opiate addiction. In fact, methadone has been around for decades. It was first used to treat opiate addiction in the 1960s when Vincent Dole, M.D., of Rockefeller University was given a grant from the New York City Health Research Council to study heroin addiction treatments.

Dole developed the first modern methadone protocol of a single daily dose. Although methadone continues to be the most effective treatment option for heroin and opioid addiction, laws against the medication were created in the 1970s because of the misconception that patients were trading one addiction for another.

Since the '70s, methadone treatment programs have been under strict government control. But, they still have a success rate of 60% to 90%, higher than any other program.

How can methadone treatment programs help my loved ones?

When someone uses an addictive substance such as opioid medication or heroin, it impacts the brain and alters its reward system until using the substance becomes compulsive. This is why, when you're suffering from addiction, you're often focused only on getting more of the substance.

Abstinence-based, non-medical treatments don't work well for addiction treatment because it doesn't treat the cause of the addiction or its effects. Methadone does both.

A prescribed dose of methadone lasts between 24 to 36 hours. It blocks the pain receptors of the brain so you don't experience withdrawal symptoms. It also blocks the opioid receptors of the brain so you don't experience the euphoria that comes with an addictive substance.

Where's a Chicago methadone clinic near me?

Methadone rehabilitation has been the most effective form of treatment for opiate addiction for decades. Abstinence-only treatment programs are only 5% to 10% successful.

If you're looking for a Chicago methadone clinic to find treatment for heroin addiction or opioid addiction, Sundance Methadone Treatment Center is the place for you. To learn more about methadone inpatient treatments and how methadone clinics work, contact Sundance Methadone Treatment Center today.

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