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Eight Benefits of Methadone Rehabilitation


methadone rehabilitation

Many people question the effectiveness of methadone rehabilitation. Is methadone maintenance treatment effective, they ask. Does it help treat an opiod addiction? The answer is yes. According to a government report on drug abuse, there are at least a dozen advantages to methadone rehabilitation. Here’s a look at eight advantages to methadone rehabilitation treatment.

  • Fewer Suicides

  • Suicide rates have declined among patients who have undergone methadone rehabilitation treatment. Those addicted to opiods who are not in a methadone rehabilitation program have a higher suicide rate.

  • Decline in Fatal Overdoses

  • The number of reported lethal overdoses declined among those who are on methadone rehabilitation treatment, as opposed to those who are not in a detoxification program or having any treatment at all.

  • Less Prostitution

  • A significant decline in prostitution has been documented as a result of receiving methadone maintenance treatment.

  • Less Use of Illicit Drugs

  • Illicit drug use has declined among patients receiving methadone maintenance treatment. Studies have found that patients are responsive to treatment programs of 45 days, and afterwords are less likely to use heroin again.

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • The costs associated with treating patients who have an opioid addiction decline when they are in a detoxification program. Methadone rehabilitation programs actually are more cost-effective because of their preventive nature.

  • Less Criminal Activity

  • Patients who have heroin addiction treatment are less likely to commit crimes than those who are not in a heroin addiction treatment center program. Inpatient methadone treatment centers actually have been proven to reduce criminal activity.

  • Less AIDS

  • Treatment in a clean, sanitary environment such as a methadone center decreases the individual’s heroine use disorder. There is less need for multiple sex partners for money, and as a result of that, a reduction in the number of reported cases of AIDS.

  • Less Needle Sharing

  • Needle sharing is a common practice among heroin addicts and those addicted to opioids. Methadone centers provide clean environment for methadone rehabilitation treatment, reducing the need for needle sharing among addicts.

How effective is methadone? Statistics from treatment centers tell the story. And clearly, the need for increased methadone treatment is apparent, with the number of people starting heroin use in 2016 being twice as many as those who started in 2006. In that year, 90,000 people began using heroin compared with 170,000 people who began for the very first time in 2016. The many documented benefits of methadone treatment are a step in the right direction in alleviating this problem, which has so many destructive and far-reaching effects.

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