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Everything You Need to Know About Methadone and Methadone Treatment Therapy


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Studies show that each year, a considerable number of people in the United States take methadone to aid from heroin addiction. If you are addicted to heroin, this is the best prescription drug that can be used alongside counseling therapy to help you recover. It has been in use for several decades and has currently been accepted as a standard way of healing from opioid addiction. Pain pill addiction can easily be eliminated through the use of methadone.

Many people who have been using Fentanyl, an opioid prescribed for extreme pain, which is also used for recreational purposes have received direct pain pill addiction through methadone therapy. There are many pain pill addiction treatment methods in the industry, but most of them don't guarantee treatment and users are prone to relapse.

Methadone treatment centers provide methadone in liquid form, but you can also get it in the form of tablets or powder. One of the most critical factors to understand is that you have to use methadone, especially when treating pain pill addiction, in the presence of a physician because it is prone to abuse. This drug has been known to weaken withdrawal symptoms that are caused by dependency on heroin and other opioids. It is necessary to note that methadone is artificially made and therefore, not an opiate.

For a longer period, heroin addiction treatment has been done through methadone assisted therapy, which raises the question as to how effective is methadone in solving pain pill addiction.

1. Effective Results

Various research studies have already shown that methadone treatment is an effective treatment approach to opioid addiction. A considerable number of addiction experts have highlighted that nothing works better for heroin addiction than methadone. One of the aspects that make methadone to work effectively is that it eliminates all the withdrawal symptoms brought about by the dependency on pain pill addiction. The desire to use opiates is completely curbed if the patient stays in the program.

2. Staying Healthy

It is important for drug addicts to remain healthy when they are undergoing rehabilitation from heroin addiction. Methadone assisted therapy plays a significant role in helping addicts to remain healthy. In reality, any person who is using heroin is not in a good state of health, which explains why anything restoring his/her healthy lifestyle will be considered useful. Many people who have undergone through methadone assisted therapy have highlighted it as a turning point in their overall health.

3. Methadone Assisted Therapy is Legal

People who are addicted to opioids try different addiction treatment methods to put their lives together. The problem is that most of the treatment options they seek are not legal and have not been approved by the FDA. Methadone assisted therapy is a legal treatment that has been approved by the FDA and other drug regulating agencies. However, you need to be enrolled in a legitimate methadone treatment program so that you can use the opiate without getting on the wrong side of the law.

4. Daily Support

Using methadone to treat heroin addiction requires you to be enrolled in a methadone treatment center, which means that you will be monitored by an addiction expert. You will always be among people who know everything about heroin addiction, and they will offer both emotional and psychological support to help you recover. If you are in the early stages of recovery, you need to be enrolled in a methadone rehabilitation facility to avoid relapse. Professional methadone treatment experts will help you to engage in proactive activities so that you can avoid withdrawal symptoms.

5. Cost Effective

Some may have a perception that being enrolled in methadone treatment centers is costly. Although considerable amounts of money will be involved, methadone treatment therapy will always provide effective and reliable treatment results as compared to other addiction treatment methods. Any addiction treatment facility will charge considerable amounts of money. However, not all facilities will offer a solution to addiction. Methadone treatment therapy has been tried and tested for decades and has always emerged as one of the best, if not the best, treatment for heroin addiction.

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