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Five Questions to Ask About Methadone Clinic Treatment


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The statistics about opiate addiction and pill addiction in this country are staggering. A 2014 survey of U.S. people aged 12 and over revealed that the number of individuals dependent on illicit drugs the year before was nearly 3% (2.7%).

Treatment for opioid addiction, including heroin addiction and pain pill addiction, is available. Methadone has been proven to be one of the most effective treatments for addiction. Finding treatment starts with a methadone clinic locator. This is a list of treatment centers, usually organized state-by-state. Here are five questions to ask about methadone detox centers and their services.

1. What Happens Inside Methadone Detox Centers?

First, there is a screening process for ever individual. After this, perhaps the following day (most likely not the same day), the individual may receive methadone. This type of treatment is called replacement therapy.

2. How Do You Get Accepted into Treatment?

If you or someone you care about has an addiction problem and needs to go to a methadone clinic, there is help available. However, this treatment must be prescribed by a doctor. Only those with written doctor’s orders are accepted for methadone treatments.

3. Who Needs Treatments from Methadone Detox Centers?

The criteria is that anyone who is addicted to opiates can visit a clinic. Also, individuals who have relapsed are also treated at methadone detox centers.

4. Are All Methadone Detox Centers the Same?

Some clinics are private, and some clinics are public. There are basically the two main types of methadone detox centers in the U.S. Federal laws and state laws are very strict in both types of clinics, which are strictly regulated. Using a methadone clinic locator will help you find the nearest methadone clinic.

5. What Are the Benefits from Methadone Detox Centers?

Individuals who visit detox centers start on the road to recovery. Their craving for opioids/heroin lessens. Also, the methadone program eases withdrawal symptoms typical of opioid addiction.

The stories seem endless, and on the news constantly. We are continually hearing reports about the addiction crisis in the U.S., especially the addiction to opioids, painkillers and heroin. But using a methadone clinic locator can be the first step to starting a new path in life. The opportunity to get life back on track and escape the chains of addiction is the objective of methadone addiction treatment centers. Methadone rehabilitation truly does offer a new lease on life.

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