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Gray Death: The Latest Lethal Drug Cocktail And Why It's So Dangerous


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America's war against the opioid epidemic has been going on for decades. Although solutions have been sought after and minor battles have been won, the country's opioid problem remains a nationwide crisis.

Unfortunately, a new danger on the streets has arisen in recent years that may be more problematic than the latest mix of fentanyl and heroin. And that danger's name is Gray Death.

What is Gray Death?
Gray Death is the latest and scariest drug cocktail on the streets. Heroin and fentanyl have been in most headlines because of the mixture's deadly risk. But Gray Death is even deadlier.

Gray Death looks like concrete and comes in both hard, chunky materials and fine powders. It's a mix of several types of opioids including fentanyl, heroin, and carfentanil, and a synthetic opioid known as U-47700 or Pink.

To put into perspective how dangerous the drug is, carfentanil is sometimes used to tranquilize elephants and other large animals. And that's only one ingredient in the mix. According to the DEA, Pink has caused at least 46 deaths in six states in 2015 and 2016.

How much of a problem is Gray Death?
Although Gray Death hasn't become a nation-wide issue like opiate addictions related to prescription painkillers, the dangers of drug cocktails can't be underestimated.

The federal Drug Enforcement Agency has been seeing cocktails of fentanyl, heroin, and combinations of substances like THC, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

Individual substances like heroin are dangerous on their own because of how difficult it is to measure their dosage. When added to other substances with even higher potencies, they become lethal. Americans suffering from opioid addiction may compulsively buy these cocktails on the street and lose their lives.

"No one should underestimate the deadly nature associated with these cocktails," said DEA agent Russ Baer to NBC News. "You can buy one of these cocktails for $10-$20 on the street and lose your life in a few seconds."

How can I reduce the risk of an overdose?
The best option to reduce your risk of overdosing on opiates is to seek treatment for opioid addiction. Methadone centers in Chicago offer methadone treatments that are up to 90% effective in treating opiate withdrawal symptoms and compulsive urges to use. To learn more about how methadone centers in Chicago can help you, contact Sundance Methadone Treatment Center today for more information.

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