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How To Cope With Substance Abuse Recovery During The Pandemic


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The pandemic and social distancing have created unique challenges for those undergoing treatment at methadone rehab clinics. People addicted to opioids rely on these clinics to dispense medication on a daily basis. Methadone treatment has a success rate ranging from 60% to 90%, and greater outcomes are achieved the longer a person remains in inpatient methadone maintenance treatment. The many changes to work and family life and increasing isolation because of the pandemic can create difficulties in maintaining coping strategies while trying to overcome opioid addiction. Here’s what to know about coping with substance abuse recovery during the pandemic.

Impact Of The Pandemic On Opioid Treatment

Social distancing can lead to longer stretches between visits. This potentially could lead to a spike in overdoses. Those seeking treatment for opioid addiction may have a hard time finding the services they need when methadone rehab clinics reduce their availability. Many addicts don’t use opioids to get high but rather to prevent themselves from experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Telehealth appointments by phone or video calls can help patients still receive the support and medications they need.

Relaxed Substance Abuse Treatment Regulations

Certain regulations and guidelines have been relaxed during the pandemic. For example, medication can be delivered to a quarantined person’s home. Methadone rehab clinic providers are able to dispense extended quantities of methadone for those who are stable in their recovery process. Various substance abuse support groups are hosting meetings online via Zoom.

Staying In Treatment

It’s important for those struggling with pain pill addiction that treatment is still available during the pandemic. If you’re struggling with addiction, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help and resources. One place you can start is contacting your primary care doctor. If you’re using heroin, make sure you’re using safe and clean supplies and washing your hands regularly. Find out if there are telemedicine options available in your area.

Maintain a structure to your daily routine. Eat a well-balanced diet, get exercise and plenty of rest, and limit your exposure to social media and the news to help reduce your stress levels. Reach out to family and friends who can positively help you through this difficult time. Continue following your treatment plan and taking your medications as prescribed.

As methadone rehab clinics adjust to the challenges this pandemic has created, it’s important that those struggling with addiction focus on maintaining their recovery as best they can. Treatment options are still available for those willing to seek help. At Chicago Treatment Centers, we can help you in your recovery.

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