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Is Your Child Addicted? Common Signs Of Substance Abuse In Teenagers


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The opioid crisis in the U.S. is one of the most deadly crises in American history. According to The New York Times, the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50 is drug overdose. Up to 2.7% of Americans aged 12 and over were dependent on addictive substances in 2013.

While the opioid epidemic is dangerous for every American suffering from addiction, teen drug use is especially dangerous. Using illicit substances for stress relief during early adulthood can make teenagers especially susceptible to drug dependence, behavioral and mood disorders, and disease.

What to look for when you suspect your teen may be using drugs
Teenagers are less likely to experiment with drugs and more likely to seek heroin addiction treatment when a parent explains to them the risks involved in addictive substances. One key to protecting your child from drug use is observation. The following are some of the most common signs of drug use in teenagers:

  1. Changes in academic performance
    A dramatic change in academic performance isn't necessarily a sign of drug use on its own. However, should your child's grades take a nosedive or they've begun experiencing high absenteeism without your knowledge, there may be a greater problem.

  2. Uncharacteristic behavior
    A teenager experiencing mood swings is to be expected as they begin to transition into early adulthood and their hormones shift. However, it may be a sign of drug use if your child begins to act uncharacteristically apathetic or violent during mood swings.

  3. Withdrawal from friends and family
    Withdrawal from long-held friendships and close family members is typically one of the most common signs of drug use in teens. This is because teenagers often don't want their friends or family members to know about their drug use or because they've begun hanging out with those they can receive drugs from.

  4. Lack of motivation
    Lack of motivation often goes hand in hand with withdrawal and mood changes. When your child begins to appear apathetic of social events and their usual interests when before they may have been social and curious, there may be something deeper going on. Drug use can make teenagers depressed and apathetic, which can turn off their usual interest in the world around them.

The final key solution to protecting your child from drug use is communication. The signs described above may be signs of drug use in teens, but they're also signs of depression and anxiety.

Don't automatically assume that your child is using drugs if they exhibit these common signs. Instead, talk to your child and ensure that they know the lines of communication between the two of you are open.

If your teenager is using drugs such as heroin and opioids, methadone clinics are readily available to help your child. Methadone clinics utilize methadone treatment to help those who are addicted to heroin and addicted to opioids get their lives back. For more information on how methadone clinics can treat your child's opiate addiction, contact Sundance Methadone Treatment Center today.

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