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NY Senator And Sheriff Call For Passage Of Laws To Fight The Opioid Epidemic


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IMany states across America have been seeking ways to combat the spreading opioid crisis. States such as Ohio and Missouri have taken to suing pharmaceutical companies for providing doctors with incorrect information regarding opioids' addictive nature.

Now, it seems to be New York's turn to take a stab at cracking down on the epidemic. Senator Rich Funke and Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn have been advocating for new legislation that would allow for law enforcement to more severely punish those dealing opiates such as prescription opioids and heroin.

The proposals provided by Funke and Sheriff O'Flynn passed through the state senate, but none have made it through the assembly. Funke's proposals include:

  • Enacting "Laree's Law" by establishing the sale of opiates as a crime of homicide
  • Creating drug-free zones around drug or alcohol treatment centers
  • Establishing new penalties for heroin sales
  • Making it easier to prosecute heroin dealers
  • Cracking down on black market prescription drugs
  • Increasing penalties for heroin and polydrug offenses
  • Improving regulation of Fentanyl
  • Cracking down on the sale of Carfentanil
  • Conforming state controlled substances with federal schedules
  • Increasing penalties for sale of a controlled substance to minors
  • Limiting children's opioid exposure
  • Requiring patient counseling prior to prescription of opioids
  • Preventing predatory and deceptive substance abuse treatment
  • Expanding access to funding for state substance abuse services

Legislation and enhanced law enforcement are just two steps to reducing those affected by the opioid crisis. The selling of these substances is a terrible problem, but the problem must be solved on both sides.

Those who are suffering from substance abuse must be willing to seek treatment that will help them return to their normal lives substance-free. The best way to do that is not through abstinence-based programs, which have a success rate of only 5% to 10%. Rather, a methadone rehab center is considered to be one of the most successful options for those seeking heroin addiction treatment.

A methadone rehab center works by replacing the substance the person is addicted to with methadone. Methadone helps to block the pain receptors in the person's brain, which helps them go through opiate detox without suffering from the extreme withdrawal symptoms that often create the cycle of addiction.

Methadone treatments are controlled by medical professionals and are combined with counseling to help those suffering from heroin and opioid addiction return to their lives substance-free. If you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction, contact a methadone rehab center today.

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