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Reasons to Consider Methadone Maintenance Treatment


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Inpatient methadone maintenance treatment works as a substitution therapy to relieve the effects of opiate withdrawal and reduces your cravings for drugs.

As a substitution therapy, methadone occupies the same brain receptors as other opiates. It replicates the same effects of opioids without getting you high.

Its combined effects allow recovering addicts to perform their daily duties. Other than addressing physical addiction to opiates, it also helps patients to deal with the physiological impacts.

Are you dealing with opiate addiction, and you'd want to stop? Look for a methadone program near me and enroll for treatment. Statistics show that its treatment success is between 60% and 90%. Plus, the outcomes improve when you stay longer in treatment.

What Does Methadone Treatment Do?

Methadone treatment changes how your brain responds to pain, giving you relief. Its effects are slightly slower than those of strong painkillers like morphine. It also blocks the high feeling you get from heroin, morphine, and hydrocodone.

The doctor may prescribe methadone treatment if you’re struggling with pain pill addiction. Doing so ensures you recover from excruciating pain after an injury or surgery.

It’s also helpful to those who’re addicted to opioids. It prevents opioids withdrawal symptoms by offering the same feeling, hence the term replacement therapy.

The Benefits of Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Are you or your friend struggling with opiate addiction? Look for a methadone program near me and seek treatment. The following are the accruing benefits.

1. Works Perfectly Well

Methadone replacement therapy works magic in treating heroin and other opioid addicts. It offers complete relief from opiate withdrawal systems. Even better, it removes the urge or desire to use other opioids.

2. Saves on Money

The costs of methadone replacement therapy are quite low. Plus, it gives you complete relief for a whole day. Switching from illegal drugs to methadone saves you a lot of money.

3. Improves Your Health

Abuse of opioid pills and heroin is associated with a myriad of health problems. However, once you visit a methadone program near me for treatment, your health improves. You can sleep, eat, exercise, and take good care of your body.

Further, methadone eliminates the need to share needles and other sharp objects. As such, it decreases the odds of contracting hepatitis, HIV, among other diseases.

4. Methadone is Legal

Unlike other opiates, methadone is legal. And when you enroll for a legitimate methadone program near me, you’re free to use it. As such, you don’t fear arrests, prosecution, and possible jail time.

Additionally, opioid addiction is expensive to maintain. A lot of addicts resort to criminal activities to finance their habit. Avoid these consequences by enrolling at methadone treatment centers near you.

5. Daily Contact with People who can Help You

Methadone treatment requires you to visit a clinic daily for treatment. Most people consider this a drawback to a successful recovery. The truth is, it can also be your most significant advantage.

A daily trip to a methadone treatment center helps you to put your life in order. It requires you to keep the focus on your proactive activities and healthy goals. It also ensures you’re in the safe hands of professionals who can help with your recovery.

Maintaining touch with healthcare providers and therapists is a blessing in disguise. In most cases, they’ll notice any change and act on it accordingly.

Is Methadone Treatment Right for You?

Methadone, as a potent analgesic, relieves severe pain. However, methadone treatment is common among people dealing with opioid addiction. It works magic when eradicating cravings and opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Visit a methadone program near me for advice and treatment. Take the medication as directed and participate in continuous therapy. You’ll get your life back to perform your job, regain your health, and support your family.

Methadone treatment has saved peoples' lives for years. And perhaps it’s time that it saved yours. Contact a methadone treatment center near you for advice and guidance.

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