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It's time to fight back against one of the world's most horrific diseases: opioid addiction.

Sundance Methadone Treatment Center is one of the most trusted rehabilitation centers in Chicago Illinois for opioid treatment. While the opioid epidemic has affected countless people around the country, thanks to rehab centers in Chicago, the city has been able to actually make a dent in the national fight against opioid addiction.

Drug overdose is currently the leading cause of accident death in the United States. In 2015 alone, there were 52,404 accidental drug overdoses. Additionally, of the millions of Americans ages 12 and older that struggle with a substance abuse disorder, 2 million of them were using prescription painkillers and 591,000 were using heroin. When addiction takes over your life, it can feel impossible to get healthy again.

Sundance Methadone Treatment Center Offers Recovery for Heroin Addiction

More than 23 million Americans are fighting addiction right now. Unfortunately, fewer than 10% of them will ever receive treatment. However, understanding that addiction is a treatable illness is an important step towards long-term recovery is possible. And at the best rehab centers in Chicago, compassionate addiction medicine providers will help you take this step and achieve lasting wellness.

At Sundance Methadone Treatment Center, one of the few Methadone rehab centers in Chicago, IL, we are committed to your total recovery from heroin, painkillers, or any form of opioid addiction. Together we will address issues at the core of your addiction, educating you on addiction as an illness and the steps and treatment options available that will help you take back control of your life.

Sundance Methadone Treatment Center is committed to total recovery and improving your quality of life if you are experiencing any problems with addiction. As one of the more experienced heroin rehab facilities in Chicago, we will identify what's causing your addition, educate you on your current illness, and provide a step by step process of how to fight these issues and get back to a happy and healthy life.

Just as importantly, we can provide medication-assisted treatment such as Methadone to help addicts get over the pain of withdrawal, limit their cravings, and break the cycle of addiction.

To change your life and find a quality drug rehab center Chicago families can trust, visit Sundance Methadone Treatment Center whenever you can. We are located at 4545 N Broadway St. Suite 3, Chicago, IL. Please call us at 847-744-0262.

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