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Rumors About Opioids and Rehab You Shouldn't Believe


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Opioid addiction is currently a common topic of discussion in many circles. News publications, medical experts, social media, and even friends and family all have something to say about the opioid epidemic.

With so much discussion currently circling this issue, it can become difficult to separate facts from opinions, and truths from rumors. Before you believe what you hear people saying or what you read on Facebook, be sure that you've learned which opioid myths hold little truth.

Here are just a few rumors about rehabilitation and opioids that are incorrect:

Myth 1: Smoking or Snorting Heroin is Less Dangerous

This belief is not only false, but it is dangerous. Regardless of how it is used, heroin is highly addictive and can be deadly. The only risk that might be reduced from not using needles is the risk of exposure to the HIV virus. However, individuals who use heroin may have lowered decision-making abilities, and are more likely to engage in unprotected sex, so the risk of contracting HIV is still present for heroin users.

Myth 2: Rehab is No Better than Quitting On Your Own

Some people avoid going to the nearest methadone clinic because they believe rehabilitation and treatment is not a good approach to their addiction. Still, others believe rehabilitation is a forced, cold-turkey quit, but this is almost never the case. Nurses and health professionals supervise a drug detox to find the most comfortable and efficient way to overcome addiction while avoiding withdrawal symptoms. Rehabilitation also provides patients with the tools, community, and emotional support necessary to sustain a drug-free lifestyle.

Myth 3: Methadone is More Harmful than Heroin

Methadone is a milder opioid that is used to reduce the pain that comes from heroin withdrawals. Though methadone is still an opioid, it is administered in a safe environment and controlled by medical professionals. As such, the risk of overdose is significantly reduced.

Though there has been backlash against methadone, it has proven to be the most effective treatment for individuals afflicted with opiate addiction for more than 50 years. Taken as a pill, methadone hits the brain more slowly, and the patient experiences less impairment than they would while using heroin. As such, patients using methadone can still participate in society.

Unfortunately, methadone has addictive qualities similar to heroin, but methadone is easier to gradually reduce because it works more slowly. As such, people who find the nearest methadone clinic and follow methadone treatments to control opioid addiction can wean themselves off opioids for good.

If you or someone you know struggles with opioid use, don't put stock in these three myths. Find your nearest methadone clinic or rehabilitation services to learn more.

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