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Some of The Main Benefits of Using Methadone Treatments for Heroin Addiction


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Because heroin addiction is such a difficult and all-encompassing form of substance abuse and addiction, it requires clear medical guidance and rehabilitation efforts to successfully get a person free from its hold. While in the recent past, many people addicted to heroin had only a few options for making it through the worst of the detox and withdrawal phase, there are several new treatment methods available to them thanks to modern medicine. One such treatment is known as methadone treatment. Whether you're brand new to methadone rehab treatments, or if you have heard of it before, we've put together this brief list outlining some of the key benefits of using methadone treatments for heroin addiction.

Methadone Treatments Offer Several Short Term Detox Benefits

The process of getting rid of any kind of heroin addiction begins by the patient first going through a series of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the nature and severity of the patient's dependency on the drug, their body's natural makeup, and many other factors, the severity of the withdrawal symptoms they might experience can vary widely. However, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the withdrawal symptoms when coming off of heroin are quite intense and unpleasant. Many patients report feelings of heat spells, extreme nausea, fatigue, shivers, aches, and pains throughout the body, and much more. In many cases, methadone rehab centers are concerned with first taking care of these kinds of challenging withdrawal symptoms before addressing the underlying issues that create an environment for addictive behavior.

These kinds of short term detox benefits are part of the reason why methadone rehab centers are getting so popular for addressing patients dealing with heroin addiction. Because methadone is so effective in treating the short term detox and withdrawal symptoms that are associated with heroin addiction, many medical professionals have chosen to make use of the substance with great success. Sure, the long term effects and impacts that come from heroin addiction need to be addressed eventually. But when so many patients are suffering from acute and often severe withdrawal symptoms, methadone rehab centers are wise to make use of methadone treatments to get results as soon as possible.

Methadone Treatments Have Demonstrated Success in Treating Heroin Addiction

Methadone rehab centers have become more and more popular in recent years. There are a few main reasons for this. For one, the numbers show that the amount of people who are doing heroin seems to be on the rise. As a matter of fact, were you aware of the statistic that shows the number of people using heroin for the first time is high? In the year 2016 alone, 170,000 people started using heroin. This was nearly double the number of people in 2006 (90,000). Unfortunately, these numbers have led to the need for far more widespread and comprehensive approaches to treating the worst of heroin addiction. Methadone rehab centers arose as an effective tool to get people back to living the type of happy, healthy life they want.

Methadone Rehab and Treatment Programs Address Both the Physical and Mental Effects of Addiction

Addiction brings several layers of problems. Methadone rehab centers aim to address each and every one of them. With a complete approach to recovery, a good methadone rehab clinic aims to tackle the physical withdrawal issues associated with heroin addiction. However, these problems also attack the underlying mental issues that often lead to addictive behavior in the first place.

At Chicago Treatment Centers, we understand just how difficult it can be to get rid of an addiction to heroin, opiates, or any other form of addictive substance. However, we also believe in the power and efficacy of modern addiction treatment programs such as methadone rehab programs to transform people for the better. Whether you're dealing with opiate addiction, looking for help with a pain pill addiction, or if you're facing the troublesome withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction, then it's a good idea to explore how a methadone rehab center will be able to help you get your life back on track.

Our team of experienced medical professionals has the knowledge and experience to assist in your journey toward permanent recovery. Please don't hesitate to take that first step into your bright future by reaching out and getting in touch with a member of our staff today. We can't wait to help you on your path to recovery, no matter how severe your addiction may be.

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