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Clients attest Sundance Methadone Treatment Center is one of the best opiate addiction treatment centers in the area.

"I have been to a number of methadone clinics in several cities over the past 12 years and for my money this is absolutely head and shoulders the best clinic I've attended."      --Nancy

"This definitely is the nicest clinic in the city. Not only does it look good, the staff is very, very, nice. This clinic says that it offers coffee and free telephone services and it does. The nurse is pleasant and everyone working there are open and reachable. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. Each counselor has private office where my confidentiality is important. There is an open-door policy to all staff. A 5 star clinic!"      --Mike

"I really like this clinic. I have been to quite a few here in Chicago, but this one is by far the very best it is so clean and the staff is really cool. They do not judge you or look down on you. They don't play either they take this real serious and I like that too!"      --Jay

"I was addicted to Pain Killers for over 3 years and Sundance Methadone Clinic cured me. It was much easier than i could ever imagine. I went from spending 500 a week to 50. I highly recommend the Sundance Methadone Clinic to anyone who is addicted to pain killers, opiates, heroin..."      --Tom

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