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These Addiction Recovery Mistakes Are More Harmful Than Helpful


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In 2015, an estimated 21,000 adolescents had used heroin in the past year, and an estimated 5,000 were current heroin users. Additionally, an estimated 6,000 adolescents had a heroin use disorder in 2014. The fact is, if you're dealing with any type of substance abuse disorder, it's vital to visit a methadone treatment center or drug treatment center. That being said, the addiction recovery process is different for everyone, but experts agree that there are some common mistakes that can slow down your progress. With that in mind, here are a few mistakes that are often more harmful than helpful when it comes to addiction recovery.

Using Other Substances

It may seem logical to assume it's okay to replace one substance with another when in recovery. For example, many people drink more alcohol when recovering from a cocaine or opioid addiction. But this is bound to cause more issues and could even trigger a relapse. Addiction recovery starts with sobriety, and it's never a good idea to replace one substance with another -- especially alcohol, which is known to impair judgment, cause cravings, and reduce self-control.

Comparing Yourself To Others

"Comparison is the thief of joy," as the saying goes, and in the sense of addiction recovery, it can cause even more negative thoughts that can easily spiral out of control. You shouldn't ever feel the need to compare yourself to others when it comes to where you're at in your personal addiction recovery process. As mentioned, everybody goes down the road to recovery at different paces, and as long as you're moving in the right direction, there's no need to consider it a race.

Not Seeking Help From a Professional Methadone Treatment Center

Finally, it's vital to consider all of your options for drug treatment centers. Seeking professional help is proven to be more effective than trying to quit on your own, and in many cases, it's medically necessary. Drug treatment centers are designed to help deal with the mentality behind your addiction and make a permanent lifestyle change, which is something that's difficult without proper intervention.

Ultimately, avoiding these mistakes can help you stay on the road to recovery and never look back. For more information about treatments for addiction, contact Sundance Methadone Treatment Center.

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