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Treating Opioid Addiction with Methadone


treatment for opioid addiction

For centuries, health care providers have faced challenges in treating patients in pain. This is because prolonged use of opiates has the potential of causing physical addiction. Opioid addiction can lead to irredeemable damage in one's life. Luckily, treatment for opioid addiction can be done through medication, and in this case, methadone.

What is Opioid Addiction?

Opiates or opioids are drugs used in relieving pain from surgery, injuries, and other medical conditions that might result in excruciating pain. You can take opioids orally, through injection, or nasally. Once taken, the drug enters the bloodstream and it gets transmitted to the brain where it attaches to the brain cells. This relieves pain and makes you feel sedated. Some clients feel motivated and energized.

However, some people experience an extremely pleasurable or euphoric feeling. This leads to prolonged dependence which results in opioid addiction. Abused drugs like heroin, alcohol, opiates, and cocaine are all addictive like this. A study indicates that approximately 23% of people who use heroin are likely to develop an opioid addiction.

Methadone for Opioid Addiction

Methadone is a commonly used treatment for opioid addiction. For more than four decades, methadone treatment has been effective in opiate treatment. Opiates have subversive effects on users’ minds and bodies.

Methadone is a synthetic opioid drug formulated to have the same effects as opiates to the human brain. When used in treatment for opioid addiction, the addicted person is relieved of drug cravings. Methadone can also be administered during the opiate detox recovery stage.

Here is what you need to know about methadone treatment.

Drug addiction can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying to stay clean. Fortunately, methadone will help you recover. The tips below will help you understand how it works.

1. It’s a Prescribed Drug

The drug can only be administered in a federally licensed methadone treatment center. If you can’t locate a clinic, ask a family doctor or Google to find if there is a methadone clinic near you. Alternatively, you can call your insurance provider to advice on the most reliable methadone center in your area.

2. Start with a Small Dose

Methadone is a long-lasting and strong opiate drug that you need to start small. Most addicts are given between 30 to 40 mg for a start and gradually increase the dose to about 60 to 120 mg. Starting with a small dose helps you adapt to the treatment and monitor the effects it has on you.

3. Be Consistent

You must take the drug as prescribed by the health provider and go to a methadone clinic daily to receive it. After a while, the doctor may advise you to take some home with you. However, expect to visit the clinic every day for close to three months.

4. Stay Clean

Just because methadone has been effective in treatment for opioid addiction, it doesn’t mean you can abuse other substances. When methadone is mixed with other drugs, it can be fatal. When under methadone treatment, ensure you stay clean.

5. It’s A Treatment Program

Methadone treatment is more than just taking the drug. When you’re going through the treatment, you must participate in group and individual therapy. This is where you tend to learn more about addiction, recovery, and coping.

6. The Recovery Journey Takes Time

The methadone treatment program is not a short-term solution. The same way it didn't take you a few days to be an opiate addict. It's quite a process, and the success increases with time. Some people might recover fully after two or three years, while others might take more than that. It's a personal journey. Therefore, never compare your recovery process with someone else.

7. Methadone is Safe

Methadone is the only opiate addiction treatment drug approved by the FDA to be used during pregnancy. In fact, it is known for preventing miscarriages that might be caused by heroin use.

Methadone Works

Methadone is an effective drug with a high success rate in treating opiate addiction. It’s safe and inexpensive. You, therefore, don’t need to break your bank to afford the treatment.

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