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Understanding Addiction: Are You Really In Control?



Opioids are among the most addictive drugs across the globe. However, it's not the only substance drawing Americans into addiction. Many Americans who are addicted to medications, illegal drugs, and alcohol are often unaware they're becoming addicted to a substance. This is heavily influenced by the way movies and television depict drug addiction.

You may feel that you have control over your use of a substance, when in reality it may not be the case. Here are a few signs you may be experiencing a substance addiction.

  1. You rely on a substance to cope with stress
    Opioids and heroin are renowned for their euphoric effects on the body. These effects allow a person to temporarily escape from stress. Alcohol is also often used as a stress-reliever. However, when these substances are frequently turned to as a coping option, you may be facing addiction.

  2. You've forgone socializing to use a substance
    A common sign of addiction is withdrawal from other people, especially those you love. If you're noticing you've been spending less time with friends and family and using that time to use a substance, you may be facing addiction.

  3. Your loved ones are concerned
    Your friends and family may not know what's in your head, but they know your normal behaviors. When your loved ones become concerned by your behavior and have sat down to talk to you about your use of a given substance, it may be a sign that you're facing a problem with addiction.

Seeking treatment
Understanding your substance addiction and admitting to having a problem can be a challenging and intimidating experience. However, you're not alone in your addiction. What's more is there's treatment available to you.

Methadone treatment centers are FDA approved and are clinically proven to help those suffering from opioid addiction. Methadone lasts in the body's system between 24 and 36 hours and helps to block the pain signals in the brain. As a result, the withdrawal stage of addiction is muted and the cravings for a substance are subdued.

Methadone treatment enables those suffering from addiction to get back on their feet and successfully recover. For more information on methadone rehab centers and heroin addiction treatment, contact Sundance Methadone Treatment Center today.

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