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What Causes Opioid Addiction And Why Do People Become Addicted?


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Opioid addiction is prevalent in the U.S. and has been dubbed a national public health emergency since 2017. However, opioid addiction has been a national crisis for decades.

In 2015 alone there were up to 52,404 lethal drug overdoses. But what causes a person to suffer from opioid addiction in the first place?

How does a person become addicted to opioids?

There are many different factors that play a role in addiction. The most common risk factors for developing opioid addiction include:

  • Family history of addiction

  • Personal history of addiction

  • Contact with those at high-risk for addiction

  • Contact with high-risk environments

  • Risky or impulsive behavior

  • History of severe depression or anxiety

  • Stressful circumstances or lifestyle

  • History of tobacco use

  • Poverty

  • History of chronic pain

Risk factors don't determine whether a person will or won't become addicted to opioids, but they do increase a person's potential to suffer from addiction.

For instance, those in high-risk environments and with a family history of addiction may be more likely to suffer from opioid addiction because they've been exposed to an environment where drug use is an option to treat stress or pain.

In recent years, opioid addiction has become more widespread because of their role in treating chronic pain. Those who are prescribed opioids will take them to treat arthritis, joint pain, or other types of chronic pain that make it difficult to perform everyday activities.

Unfortunately, even small doses of opioid medication can have a negative impact on the brain over a long period of time.

Addiction begins when the brain changes in reaction to an addictive substance. The change caused by the addictive substance causes the person to compulsively use the addictive substance. This causes changes negative changes in behavior that are related to the "stereotypical" idea of what a person suffering from addiction looks like.

Yet, the stigma surrounding addiction is often what keeps those suffering from addiction from seeking the treatment they need such as methadone inpatient treatment.

Where can I get more information about methadone inpatient treatments?

Methadone is the oldest and most effective treatment option for those suffering from opioid addiction. Its effects last between 24 to 36 hours and it helps to prevent withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Sundance Methadone Treatment Center offers methadone inpatient treatment for those who are interested. To learn more about methadone rehabilitation and how it works, contact Sundance Methadone Treatment Center today.

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