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What To Know About Methadone Treatment During The COVID-19 Crisis


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With the recent coronavirus pandemic, methadone clinics in Chicago suburbs are facing numerous challenges to serve patients struggling with opioid addiction. Methadone treatment centers must figure out how to balance the risk of contracting the contagion with the risk of potential relapse and overdose. With social distancing restrictions, patients are having a hard time receiving in-group therapy sessions which are a vital piece to the recovery program. What are these treatment programs doing to keep patients safe during the outbreak? Here’s what you need to know about methadone treatment during the COVID-19 crisis.

Take Home Treatment Options

Some methadone clinics in Chicago suburbs have been loosening prescription restrictions according to guidelines set forth by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Normally, a person needs to show up on a daily basis to receive their methadone dose. Typically, the effects of a single dose of methadone only last from 24 to 48 hours. The new guidelines allow methadone rehab centers to provide a week or month’s worth of treatments in take home lock boxes, depending on where they stand in their recovery process. Stable patients can get up to 28 days worth of methadone if they meet certain qualifications.

Only a small number of patients are able to qualify. Patients who don’t qualify for these extended take home lockboxes may be required to be screened for coronavirus prior to appointments. This is a safety measure to ensure that both staff and patients are kept safe while receiving treatments for heroin addiction and pain pill addiction.

Anti-Crowding Efforts

There are numerous patients who still must show up to local methadone treatment addiction centers near them on a daily basis. This can create concerns about overcrowding and violations of the six feet social distancing regulation. These methadone clinics are combating the issue by staggering scheduling or bringing doses to patients in their cars. Virtual visits and Skype chats for group therapy are also being offered.

If you’re looking for methadone clinics in Chicago suburbs, contact us to help you change your life. We can help you find methadone doctors in Illinois that are right for you. Even with the pandemic, you can get the treatment you need to take back control and get the healthy life you truly deserve!

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