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Why Rehab Centers Prefer To Use Methadone In Opioid Treatment Methods


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Drug addiction is not prevalent in adults only. In 2015, a study was conducted to reveal that 21,000 adolescents had tried heroin, and an estimated 5,000 were addicted to the drug. Around 6,000 teens had developed a condition called heroin use disorder, which is a result of using heroin. This is quite sad, but the availability of methadone treatment centers has made it possible for adults and teens alike to reform and live a drug-free life.

Thousands of people each year attend Chicago methadone clinics as they begin their journey to recovery from opioid addiction. Used alongside counseling and therapy, methadone is effective in helping addicts recover from their drug use.

What Is Methadone Treatment?

Methadone is a prescription drug of a drug group called opioids. Opioid works by interacting with the opioid receptors in the brain and eliciting responses such as pain relief, relaxation, contentment, and pleasure. This drug is taken as a replacement for heroin, which aids in the recovery process.

Methadone prevents physical withdrawal symptoms, helps to sustain your life, and is useful in reducing the harm related to drugs. Methadone clinics administer the drug in the form of syrup, but it is also available as a tablet and in powder form. The drug can be administered as a long-term program which may last for a couple of months or years. This is called a maintenance program.

In some cases, a physician may administer methadone as a withdrawal program, which means it is taken as a short-term detoxification program. When used for detox, the drug is administered for five to 14 days to ease the discomfort experienced when you stop using heroin. The only way to find out which program a doctor will put you under is to get help at a methadone clinic near you.

The physician will also advise you if you need to register for the methadone inpatient treatment or not. Generally, if you have tried to stop using drugs and failed several times in the past, the physician may recommend registering in methadone rehab centers as an inpatient. This increases your chances of recovery because of the high monitoring available in a center.

Methadone rehab centers also offer other advantages such as the availability of recreational facilities and group therapy, where you can share your journey with other people. You also get to live in a place that is as hospitable as home, making your stay more comfortable but your chances of recovery high.

Does Methadone Treatment Work?

For the drug to work effectively, it is best that it is combined with a comprehensive treatment such as the one available in methadone rehab centers. This kind of program looks at your wellness as a whole in terms of healing your body, your mind, and your environment of the effects of using heroin. Centers usually look at the underlying factors that might have led to the use of heroin in the first place and help you deal with these issues.

Some people may have started using as teens so they could fit in with their peers, which is a self-esteem issue, while others start to use as a way to calm their anxiety and depression. Whatever the case, a methadone treatment center will take you through therapy where a therapist will help you deal with these issues during your recovery process.

Advantages Of Using Methadone

There are several advantages of using methadone as a drug treatment method. Methadone lasts a long time, which means it only needs to be taken once a day and sometimes even less. Also, the drug will keep you stable as you make a positive change and help you avert or reduce the adverse effects of using drugs such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses, skin infections and vein problems. Methadone is also cheaper than heroin, which makes it the perfect remedy to recover from heroin use.

Starting your recovery at methadone rehab centers is the best decision you can make as you start a drug-free life.

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