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Why You Should Consider Methadone Clinics for Your Drug Addiction


methadone clinics in chicago

Methadone is an opioid that was created in the 1940s for the treatment of extreme pain. Today it’s used as a narcotic painkiller or as part of treatment for heroin addiction. Statistics show that methadone treatment has a success rate of between 60 to 90% with the outcome improving the more a patient stays longer in a facility. Over the years, treatment facilities have introduced different solutions for drug abuse but the medical assisted treatment for addiction has remained the best and most popular solution across the United States.

The Aim of Methadone in Drug Treatment

Methadone clinics in Chicago are designed to help people living with addiction return to a normal life. Once they begin the methadone treatment under supervision, they can still benefit from educational assistance, vocational counseling, and abuse treatment. Once they start to feel healthier they can check into any social service agency to help them get back on their feet.

Statistics by the Harvard Medical School shows that about 25% of those admitted into methadone addiction treatment centers will abstain from methadone. The other 25% will still use methadone while the remainder will continue using it when they enter another abuse treatment program.

The Benefits of Using Methadone Treatment

Given that most people using methadone when recovering don’t experience intense withdrawal or deal with frequent heroin cravings, they have greater chances of success. Here are a few benefits of this form of treatment.

Makes Stability Possible During Early Recovery

With methadone clinics in Chicago you’ll recover in a very short time. This means that anyone going through recovery will pay full attention to therapy, and this allows them to address the root causes of their opiate use. They may even find a job and begin building their life back up. Those who may be facing legal consequences related to addiction may receive reduced sentences if they can show a judge that they participated in a methadone maintenance program.

Reduced Alcohol and Substance Abuse

People who take methadone to help them in their recovery are able to reduce their alcohol and drug use. Once you begin using methadone you’re going to use it for a long time. If circumstances change and you have to stop using methadone, you have to safely wean from the drug, and this is done under medical supervision.

Flexibility in Drug Administration

While there may be methadone clinics in Chicago that will require you to visit them daily to get dosage, there are some that allow for take-home dosages. Those who have been approved for at-home dosages will receive a small supply of medication in a locked container. They’ll also have to comply with regular audits to ensure that they adhere to the treatment for heroin addiction program.

The decision on whether to use methadone medication should be done by methadone clinics in Chicago. The person affected by addiction will first undergo an assessment process to determine the treatment that best fits them.

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