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Your Most Pressing Questions on Methadone Answered


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In 2016 alone, 948,000 Americans were reported to be using heroin. Going by the trend in the last decade, these numbers can only rise going forward. Therefore, it is imperative that people become informed on the various options of treating heroin addictions.

Among the heroin addiction treatments is Methadone, which is yet to receive the recognition it deserves thanks to its high success rate.

On the contrary, what it has received is misinformed reviews and a number of baseless myths.
If you are looking to check yourself into a methadone rehab, this article will answer some of the most pressing questions about methadone to help you clear your doubts.

What exactly is Methadone and how does methadone work?

Methadone is a synthetic opioid that is administered on patients with opioid addictions to treat moderate to severe pain. It is popular in the treatment of heroin addiction. It is taken in either liquid, powder, or tablet form.

Methadone works by changing the way the nervous system responds to pain. It works by blocking the euphoric feeling one gets from heroin. It also works by preventing the withdrawal symptoms from the addiction.

Methadone is not an over the counter drug, to access it you must be prescribed by a doctor and under strict supervision by nurses at a methadone rehab. Most countries except France have very strict regulation on methadone. This is to prevent diversion of the treatment for illicit use.

How much does a methadone treatment cost?

Well, the estimated cost for an entire year of methadone treatment costs about $4,700 which comes to about $12.87 per day for outpatient services. Although the costs may vary from one methadone rehab center to another.

Is the treatment voluntary?

Yes, unless you are considered to be a risk to yourself or those around you. No methadone treatment center will put you in methadone treatment without your informed consent. To confirm that you have consented and are willing to comply with the regulations outlined by the facility, you will be required to sign a consent form.

You risk having your treatment discontinued, should you violate treatment contract.

How is methadone maintenance treatment administered

Once you check into a methadone rehab clinic, tests will be carried out first. Then you start on treatment after the necessary initial assessment to determine if you are eligible for the treatment.

The doctor will start you on a 40mg dosage and then slowly increase it over the next couple of weeks. Your final dosage will be between 80mg and 120mg.

Once you are stable, you will be discharged from the inpatient treatment but you will then be going to the clinic for your daily dosage. This will go on for at least six months. Should you prove trustworthy, then you will be entrusted with a four-week dosage to be taken at a time.

How long does methadone treatment take?

The treatment can take longer than 10 years or less. It is dependent on your level of addiction. The longer the treatment period, the lesser the chance of a relapse.

What is the success rate of methadone?

Methadone's success rate is reported to be between 60% to 90% with the rate increasing the longer a patient remains in treatment. It has proved to be one of the best treatments for heroin addiction.

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